30 days without complaining…

30 days without complaining…would you be able to do it? And what is considered complaining? Will I have to bite my tongue or think twice before speaking? Will my partner in discussion will roll his or her eyes and dare to bring it to my attention…stop yammering! After those 30 days, will the glass be half full or half empty?

Yesterday, not totally coincidental on Blue Monday, meant the launch here in Belgium of the playful campaign ’30dagenzonderklagen’ meaning for 30 days we will be motivated to look at life through pink coloured glasses.

It appears we love to complain, right?! I guess we Belgians are not alone in the world when it comes to that…we complain about the weather and small things in daily life and of course the bigger issues: health, relationships, work, politics, you name it,…and like all habits, it’s a hard one to break, key is not to look at those bumps in the road or setbacks in a too negative way.

Like the campaigns ’30dayswithoutmeat’ and ’30dayswithoutalcohol’ this one too tries to raise awareness and provides tools to stand in life more optimistically…no worries, it’s all down to earth…for 30 days long coaches and ambassadors from health, sports and cultural sectors guide you through a more positive lifestyle with their daily tips & tricks and missions. At the end of the campaign, just in time for Valentine’s day, you’ll be able to test if you’re truly standing happier in life than when you started…

Is the glass half full or half empty? Well, isn’t there a third option…focussing on what’s in the glass…

Do we really need a campaign or test to learn us to be happier and to complain less? Well, maybe we do, maybe we don’t…biting your tongue when you really have something on your liver isn’t healthy either…isn’t the trick, as it is often, to keep moderation…not to complain ‘too’ much or ‘too’ long? Like I still want to eat steak and drink a glass of wine, just not every day… and I still want a listening ear when I feel the need to share my troubles and just by knowing you listened, I’ll open up my heart for all the good still to come…now isn’t that positive?! See, only two days rolling and it already has an effect😉




7 thoughts on “30 days without complaining…

  1. wow, so true…and you are always welcome: my ears listen to every complaint, because sometimes speaking out  your complaints, make you see solutions or an other perspective…. lots of love,Birgit

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  2. Wow! I don’t know if I could make it one day without complaining and I am generally happy with what is in my glass (living my dream of sailing around the world). I am going to challenge myself to bring enough awareness to live one day without complaint (or at least to catch myself when I do and transform my bitching into gratitude). If I can make it, maybe I will try two. Wishing you great positivity and awareness with your 30 days.

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    1. I think focussing what’s in the glass is an excellent alternative and in your case, sailing around the world…sounds great, would be ridiculous to pretend that all days are picture perfect in life, but it’s life, that in itself should count for a lot😉 have a great week and further sailings, keep it safe😘

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  3. This is a good reminder! I think that I internally complain a lot and verbalize my complaints to often as well. After all, I’m German, and we LOVE to complain 😉 But I’ve been working on focusing what is in the glass and to be more accepting and grateful for what I have. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. I will try to do one day without complaining, then another and maybe it’ll become a habit. Meditation helps me a lot, too.

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