Humor to the rescue

Last weekend we met up with our friends Anita&Stef: we had a nice walk and great dinner and got a chance to catch up on our walk of lives…the daily issues and struggles, the little pleasures,…
During our talk a particular song was mentioned, written and performed by Brigitte Kaandorp, she’s a Dutch comedian with frequent shows and during one of these shows she sang this song called ‘ik heb een zwaar leven’. In English it would be something like ‘my life is so tough’ or ‘my life is such a struggle’(groan, groan).

I already knew the comedian but had never heard of the song. Back home I got a chance to listen to it and boy, I had such a laugh, it’s a great song and helps to see the humor in how we deal with setbacks..loved it. So many resemblances to daily life things that don’t go as we expected and how we immediately, almost a reflex, experience that as something very negative instead of focussing on the alternatives. We compare to others and are jealous of how their walk of life seems to go so smoothly while it’s all rocks on our path…self-pity is easy, right?! Those rocks are maybe not that big and there’s often a way to get around, your path will be longer and have more curves, but it’s still a lovely path to walk!

My personal life is tough too, yes, it truly truly is🤣no kidding…a lot of medical issues, past months I was more in and out hospital getting treatments for my backpain than at home and that weighs hard sometimes…on those close to me, on how I function, etc…I try not to complain too much, I mostly try to blog and post about the happy things that truly make my day, however, those close ones often get the full load, sorry, sorry 😉 mainly I try not to let it determine who I am, though must admit, that takes some effort sometimes, but it’s SO much better than dwelling in that self-pity…

So when you find yourself in that state where everything goes wrong and the universe seems conspiring against you (and we all have that sometimes) just stop…a little humor helps to get you out of that state, so remember those words…’ooh my life is soooo tough, really really tooooooough’ (groan, groan), I bet it will make YOU smile a little too and you’ll pull yourself together.

It’s humor to the rescue..

Enjoy your day😁

Translation lyrics Brigitte Kaandorp songy

Watch performance Brigitte Kaandorp

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